Tower Grove Park Turkish Pavilion

Tower Grove Park Turkish Pavilion

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This project was completed in partnership with Trivers, who provided the following testimonial about the project:

Tower Grove Park boasts the greatest collection of Victorian Pavilions in the world. Designed and constructed between 1870 and 1872, the Turkish Pavilion and Old Playground Pavilion each pavilion have their own unique, ornamental design articulated through detail and vibrant paint colors creating one-of-a-kind structures. Well-loved and in constant use, the pavilions had begun to show extensive signs of both structural and cosmetic deterioration as they approach 150 years in age.

The finish carpentry restoration efforts for each pavilion required extensive, meticulous work. The design team outlined the scope of work and relied on the carpenter to recreate the original details based on remaining historic materials. As these projects were undertaken as a restoration effort, bringing the ornament of the pavilions back to their original condition was of the highest priority and the carpenter exceeded expectations.

To aid in the patching of wood detailing, a wood epoxy was specified by the design team. Used extensively, this was a new product for the finish carpenter and served to benefit the project in terms of maximizing retention of historic material. Both pavilions received structural improvements to the wood columns requiring custom shoring to accommodate the delicate roof structural systems. The Turkish Pavilion required the most substantial shoring as the entire structure was supported while new foundations were poured beneath the outer ring of cast iron columns.

Other unique repairs include a highly technical cast iron repair at the Turkish Pavilion, patching of the historic terne metal roofs, and specialty custom color roof coatings at both Pavilions.

Award-winning Pavilions

AIA Honor for Craftsmanship Award
Palladio Award
Landmarks Association Award for Most Enhanced

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